G'day Members!




10th of August - 5th of October


As super valued and drop-dead-gorgeous existing members of our CSA, we give you one whole week to secure your weekly vegetable share, before opening up to the public.


To complete your CSA Membership, there are three steps:

1) Choose your desired share size (click here for more information to help you decide which is best for you).

2) Complete the Membership Form link below your desired share size. This is compulsory for all members, even returning members! In your membership form, make sure you specify whether you wish to pay in one lump sum, or in three-four instalments, as this will affect the invoice sent to you in the next step.

3) Check your email regularly (including your spam folder!), awaiting your payment invoice. We will aim to send this within 1-2 days of your CSA Membership Form submission. Send through either your first instalment or lump payment, and we are off and running!

Please note, unless we receive both your CSA Membership Form and your payment, we will be unable to process your CSA application. To avoid disappointment, please ensure you have completed both steps of our CSA sign-up.

Returning members, please be advised that we have changed our payment options, in order to streamline the process and eliminate confusion. Payment is now only direct debit, however reminders and tracking will be done through online invoices. Thank you for your understanding!



Share Size: $40+ worth of produce each week

Duration of the Season: 9 weeks

Total: $360




Share Size: $30+ worth of produce each week

Duration of the Season: 9 weeks

Total: $270


If you have any questions about payment, please contact us and we'll be happy to clarify.

Thank you. We look forward to being your farmers!