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Accounting - QuickBooks Online $_

Email Organisation - Sortd $_

Field Records - Own (combination of hand-written and Excel)

Lists - Wunderlist (used for CSA harvest and packing)

Notekeeping - Evernote $_


We use QuickBooks online.

Whilst a lot of small businesses swear by Xero, we found that the cost did not justify the difference and, whilst it takes a learning curve, Quickbooks more than meets our needs, at a fraction of the cost (you can find some amazing imitation deals - our first year we paid $6/month!).

Book Keeping and accounting takes work, and is a steep learning curve. Our one piece of advice? Get on to it, and get on to it early! We were naive, and decided to save a few bucks, and not invest in QuickBooks software until we started receiving money, rather than expending during set-up phase. We realised too late that the set-up phase is exactly when you want QuickBooks! Receipts stack up (or get shoved in a box, in our case!), and it took us weeks (no exaggeration) of sitting in front of a computer catching up, all whilst trying to keep the farm going! What a nightmare. Get your basics down, and get on to it from the start. We might even go as far as to suggest investing in a book keeper from the on-set, but this all depends on your scale, experience, and viguor!