Microgreens are nutritious and delicious teeny tiny powerhouses, that will turn your ordinary dish into delish! 

Their vibrancy and complex flavour profiles make them a hit with chefs far and wide, whilst their remarkable nutritional benefits make them a favourite in any household. With a microgreen drawing upon the full spectrum of nutrients it needs to grow from seed to micro, when you nibble on a microgreen, you are essentially getting all of that condensed goodness. In fact, some studies show that microgreens contain 40 fold the amount of vitamins such as C, E, K, lutein, and beta-carotene, than their more mature brothers and sisters. With many kids and teenagers in dire need of extra nutrients, microgreens are the perfect thing to sneak into dinner or the luncbox sandwich.

Here at Roly Poly Farm, we love growing microgreens. They are a quick growing crop, it's always exciting to see a tray of micros poke their heads up, and we have so much fun experimenting with the vast array of colours, flavours and textures that litter the microgreen field. We reuse all of our growing trays, and as the moist conditions can create fungal growth, we make sure we use fresh growing medium each batch, composting spent medium to re-use back on our fields. Shying away from the two industry favourites of Cococoir and Peatmoss, we use locally sourced composted pine bark mulch, which is a by-product of timber milling. We mix this with vermiculite and perlite, in order to create the perfect growing medium for these nutrient dense little guys.


Grab your share of delicious nutritious microgreens at Kyilla Markets in North Perth, every Saturday morning 8:30am-11:30pm!