The Farmers

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Farmer Dec

Dec is an avid researcher and a bit of a science geek, finishing up his formal studies in Physiology and Sport Science a number of years ago at UWA. He decided that a career in research wasn’t quite for him, and pursued his passion for local and responsibly grown food instead.

Being an inquisitive foodie, his enthusiasm and experimentation in the kitchen means that there is always something fermenting or being preserved in our Roly Poly Farmhouse, and it drives us both to cherish the unique flavours that are part of each season.

He  believes that creating a meaningful relationship with where our food comes from is the most powerful way to take a more active role in our ecology.  For him, farming is connection, education, and most importantly, it provides an opportunity for positive collective community impact.

Farmer Mel

Mel was a teacher before she became a farmer, and is still passionate about education, youth, and incorporating these within her farming career.

She spent her childhood between Perth and her grandparent's farm in Bolgart, WA, where her love of farming and the country began. She and her sisters would be booted out of the house after a breakfast of dippy eggs on toast, and would not be seen again until dinner.

Mel has worked on various farms and properties across the globe, where she has gained experience in small-scale farming, rotational livestock management, fruit tree grafting, and vegetable farming. She is passionate about food, ecology and community, and strives to incorporate these elements in all that she does.


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