Baby Fennel

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Baby Fennel


An immature, or baby, fennel, in which both the bulb and the leaves are edible. Baby fennel has a slightly sweet, anise flavour, but the leaves have a stronger taste.


Store in a refrigerated humidity-controlled environment.

In the Kitchen

In our kitchen, we use fennel bulbs in place of onions in any meal. The fennel adds an amazing extra level of flavour and intensity to any dish, which onion often lacks. Cut in half and slice as you would onions, and caramelise for an extra hit of yum!

We use the fronds liberally, chopping them roughly and adding them to the top of curry-spiced pumpkin soup; scrambled eggs; and curries. You may also like to blend them into a pesto, or add them to the roasting pan if roasting vegetables for the week. Be creative; they are subtle, but delicious!

Grilled Baby Fennel with Lemon and Pecorino

Roasted Fennel & Baby Carrots

Braised Baby Fennel with Parmesan

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