Dill has a long history that dates back to ancient Egyptian times. Also favoured by the Romans and the Greeks, dill was regarded as an indication of wealth, as well as being consumed for its healing qualities. In folk customs, people would hang a bunch of dill by the entrance to their home, as it was believed that this would protect them from witches and witchcraft.


Dill is best stored in the fridge with minimal moisture. Store in a container/plastic bag, with a piece of serviette in order to absorb any excess moisture. Stored this way, dill can easily last for a week or more. Avoid washing dill until ready to use.

In the Kitchen

Because it has such a unique taste, a small amount of dill can go a long way, which is why dill is so good to use as a garnish (my friend also swears by chopped dill, cream cheese, salt and pepper on toast). The feathery texture of dill leaves looks beautiful and a small sprig of dill can add a noticeable aroma when used as a garnish.

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