Lemon Aji Peppers

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Lemon Aji | Lemon Drop Peppers


The heat is significant without being overbearing, making this – with its lemony tang –  a chili that’s perfect for spicier salsas and citrus-based homemade hot sauces. It’s very popular in its native Peru as a tangy seasoning for meals and snacks. It has a definite citrus-y taste, and to some it’s very much like lemon. But depending on your taste buds, the ground (and temperature) the chilies were grown in, and their maturity, the tastes from pepper to pepper will vary ever so slightly. Sometimes it’s more fruity, other times it tastes a bit more like fresh lemongrass.



Store in a refrigerated humidity-controlled environment, or else dry and store in an airtight jar for future use.

In the Kitchen

The fruitiness of this chili opens up a lot of culinary doors. Fruit-based salsas and hot sauces get an added punch from lemon drop peppers. The fresh citrus taste works extremely well with fish and chicken dishes. Think of using it instead of that fresh squeeze of lemon. And it’s a surprisingly tasty addition to many types of snacks. Lemon drop pepper powder can add a tang and heat to everything from apple slices to popcorn.

Fermented Aji Garlic Hot Sauce

Lemon Aji Fermented Hot Sauce

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