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The Japanese parsley! Mitsuba is clean and refreshing, with a slightly bitter taste that some people refer to as celery-like. All parts of the plant — seeds, flowers, roots — are edible, but the leaves are most commonly used. The name mitsuba means “three leaves” in Japanese, a reference to the way foliage appears in stems. The leaves can become bitter if cooked too long, so try adding them raw as a garnish in miso soup, on top of rice bowl dishes or with stir-fry.


Store in a humidity-controlled environment in your refrigerator.

In the Kitchen

As mentioned above, use this herb raw, as the leaves can become bitter when cooked.

Popular dishes: Sweet soy fried noodles (pad sieu), Pak Choi Soup and Chicken Dumplings, Soup noodles with vegetables, Pak Choi Salad, Char Siu Pork on Steamed Pak Choy, Sichuan Pepper Pork with Pak Choi, Stir Fry Rice with Pak Choi and Pak choi stir-fry.

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