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Despite being a common hedging herb in many gardens, few people use this amazingly aromatic herb in the kitchen. I urge you to learn to love this herb, and embrace it in all of it's woody, earthy, aromatic fullness!


Dry on the bench, or store in the fridge in a sealed container/bag.

In the Kitchen

  • Spike meat, poultry and game with rosemary - alternatively, chop it and use in stuffings and sauces for fish, lamb or chicken.

  • Add to olive oil, to create an aromatically infused and versatile olive oil. Great for salads!

  • Add to your marinades (chicken dishes especially!)

  • Potatoes potatoes potatoes! Chop and sprinkle, and pop in the oven for some crispy, rosemary, potatoey goodness.

  • It is perfect with strongly flavoured meats like goat and lamb, or sprinkled on top of foccacia.

  • Great addition to pasta (herb complements: thyme, marjoram, oregano)

  • And lastly, pop some in a cup and make a soothing, relaxing cup of tea before bed! Rosemary (or rosa del mar - Rose of the Ocean...I learnt this from an old Italian farmer in the Swan Vally!) is notorious for it's health benefits, including containing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds; improving digestion; enhancing memory and concentration; and neurological protection...I've talked myself into it, I'm off to make a cuppa!

Some tips:

  • Chop leaves finely if not using the entire sprig.

  • The leaves can easily be separated from the stem by pinching between your thumb and forefinger, and running your fingers in the same direction to which the leaves are growing

  • Store in a fridge, or freezer for longer longevity

  • Use in moderation

  • Keep dry

  • Don't leave stems in dish

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