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Tomatillos are a key ingredient in fresh and cooked Mexican and Central-American green sauces. The green colour and tart flavor are the main culinary contributions of the fruit. Purple and red-ripening cultivars often have a slight sweetness, unlike the green- and yellow-ripening cultivars, so generally are used in jams and preserves. Like their close relatives, Cape gooseberries, tomatillos have a high pectin content. Another characteristic is they tend to have a varying degree of a sappy, sticky coating, mostly when used on the green side out of the husk.

Nutritional Value

Tomatillos are a very good source of dietary fiber, niacin, potassium, and manganese. They contain 20 percent of the daily recommended value in vitamin C, 13 percent of the vitamin K, and a healthy amount of iron, magnesium,phosphorus, and copper.


Ripe tomatillos keep refrigerated for about two weeks. They keep even longer with the husks removed and the fruit refrigerated in sealed plastic bags. They may also be frozen whole or sliced.

In the Kitchen

We use these sliced thinly and put on top of whatever concoction we are whipping up (pasta; curry etc.). They add this amazingly unique tart flavour, and lighten any meal :)

Salsa Verde 3 Ways

salsa verde kit 2.JPG

Silly good. The raw has a stronger, more vibrant flavour. Boiled creates this amazing earthy undertone, and roasted is just all thing rich and deep. Pick your poison, or create all three!
Recipe as follows:

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