Purple with white streaks, eggplant is shaped somewhere between Italian and Japanese types. Tsakoniki is a Greek eggplant variety from the town of Leonidio where they have an annual festival celebrating this amazing vegetable, which is renowned for its delicate, sweet flavor and tender skin. In addition to being a name for a fabulous eggplant, Tsakoniki is a reference to the Tsakonian language, which derives from the ancient Doric dialect. Regarded as the oldest dialect still spoken in the world, it is critically endangered with only a few hundred speakers remaining.


Store in the fridge, in a humidity controlled environment (veggie drawer!)

In the Kitchen

Sautee, roast, pop through a curry or pasta. Recipes galore on the internet, including moussaka; babaganoush (where any of the marred eggplants end up in this house ;) ); through pasta; or roasted! Use Tsakoniki in place of any other eggplants, however expect a sweeter; more tender eggplant than traditional commercial varieties.

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